Chairman’s Special Award Trophy

Norfolk & Suffolk Chairman’s Special Award Trophy

The inception of the Chairman’s Special Award Trophy by Michael Lawler, Chairman at the time.

” It all started at the Goose Fair at Walesby Scout  Camp Site on Friday 3rd October 1997.  A few Norfolk and Suffolk D.A. members sat outside Chris and Isobel Orris’ caravan enjoying an evening drink. Chris got out of his chair to go to the toilet and tripped over a guy rope from the toilet tent and  accused  his wife Isobel of pushing him.

Although not true Eric Rose thought it was hilarious and said he would make a Trophy to be presented at the Norfolk and Suffolk D.A. Agm to the member who had done the most stupid act whilst camping during the year.”

After great discussion it was decided to accept his kind offer of a Trophy, but it would be given to a person or couple who the Chairman felt had contributed most or gone the extra mile during NSDA events.

The Trophy is presented annually at the DA Agm,along with a free ticket to our Dinner Dance .


Chairman’s Special Award Trophy Recipients     

1997         Yvonne Baldwin

1998         Brian Boldero

1999         Gordon Belling

2000         Roy England

2001          Jane Read

2002         Joy Carlton

2003         John Hydon

2004         Sid & Dorothy Fowle

2005         Maurice Newson

2006         June Yeats

2008         Joy Carlton

2009        Jillian Cossey

2010          Jim & Elaine Roe

2011          Dennis & Doris Young

2012         Andy & Vicky Barker

2013         Hillary Howells

2014         Mitch & Denise Young

2015         Michael & Ros Lawler

2016        Bob & Jackie Moore

2017         Peter Needham

2018        Gillian Gooch

2019        Ros Lawler

2020       Bev Carter

2021       Paul Southam

2022        Stuart Lawler

2023       Jane Read

2024        David & McGhie